The Turbocor chiller range is a premier option that effectively integrates with your existing systems, and our team provide a complete engineering consultation to find an option that suits your needs. Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, our trusted specialists have a vast range of experience, and we pride ourselves on our honesty, professionalism, and ability.

Air & Water Cooling – Turbocor Chiller

The European-accredited air and water cooled Turbocor chiller range offers a 230kW-1,949kW cooling capacity and a 287kW-1,995kW heating capacity. It benefits from the following features:

  • Innovative centrifugal compressors, EC fans, a flooded evaporator, and an electronic expansion valve increases efficiency.
  • It easily integrates into existing ventilation systems.
  • It uses ozone friendly refrigerant (R134a) or R1234ZE (Hydrocarbon refrigerant) to minimise carbon footprints throughout an entire building.
  • It’s able to operate on a greenhouse refrigerant for even better carbon footprints andlow COP.

The Benefits

The powerful miniaturised compressors operate using digital rotor speed control and magnetic levitation, which achieves optimal efficiency. It’s achieved even at partial loads, with 60% higher ESEER values compared to more traditional scroll/screw units.

The units are available as both water and air-cooled variants. Both operate on R134a refrigerant. Our trained team also offer Turbocor chillers with free cooling. Turbocor chiller units are renowned within the cooling industry for their innovative approach, resulting in High Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) energy efficiencies and low lifetime operating costs.

Turbocor Chiller

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